Photo courtesy of Austin Psych Fest

Austin Psych Fest 2014

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It is official! Our lodging has been secured for the 7th annual Austin Psych Fest 2014 in Austin, TX. I can’t wait to share a bunch of photos from the charming place we will be staying. We found it on Airbnb and it is nearly the same price per night as if we were staying in a budget hotel except it’s a full house to ourselves. I prefer unique lodging when we travel, whether it’s a house rental or a hotel offering something special. This is our first time choosing a rental through Airbnb and the site makes it convenient to choose a suitable place, the transaction is secure and easy, and communication with the host(s) is efficient – all done right through their site. 

Photo courtesy of Airbnb
Logo courtesy of Airbnb

What is Austin Psych Fest?

Well, it is a music festival. This will be the third multi-day festival my husband and I have attended together, the others being Roadburn Fest (Tilburg, Holland) and Maryland Death Fest (Baltimore, MD). We travel for beer and we travel for music. Austin is a city that offers some of the best of both those worlds and we are stoked to gather with other musically like-minded individuals to listen to, view, and experience this psychedelic festival.

Where is it located?

Austin Psych Fest will be held at Carson Creek Ranch again this year. It’s an outdoor venue featuring beautiful natural elements like meadows, pastures, and it’s right on the Colorado River. There are camping areas right on the Ranch (we aren’t camping), three stages with light shows

… light shows! …

and the expected array of band merch, local food, handcrafted clothing and goodies, and art exhibits. 

Why am I looking forward to attending Austin Psych Fest?

For starters, like I mentioned above, I love traveling, especially for music and craft beer. Food is high on that list, too, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some of what Austin has to offer. I’m obviously too young to have had a chance to attend one of the most famous music festivals, Woodstock, but I can’t help but feel that Austin Psych Fest embodies much of the liberated, free, acid-tinged, groovy experience that Woodstock must have been. 

I’ll be covering the event for a digital magazine through mobile photography, so I’m thrilled to be doing that to share with everyone who views that publication. I hope to be writing about the event, too – a recap of this year’s festival and tips on how to plan your own trip next year. 

Because that’s one reason why I enjoy writing, to share ideas on how to best experience a new place or event.

What bands will I be hearing at Austin Psych Fest 2014?

Okay, you guys. This is where I start getting tingly with excitement. Some of my favorite bands will be performing at this year’s event and I’m overjoyed to have the opportunity to see so many of them in the same place. Here are just a few, with sound clips for you to have yourself a little listen.

Photo courtesy of Austin Psych Fest
Official poster courtesy of Austin Psych Fest


The Black Angels – I’ve seen them a few times before. Excellent every time, everywhere.



The Black Lips – You may recognize this particular song from a T-Mobile commercial that’s currently airing.



Graveyard – I love Swedish rock. Enough said. I’ve been following these guys for years and they continue putting out gold.



Dead Meadow – I’ve seen them several times and they are always on my frequent listening rotation.






Terakaft – Tuareg guitarists. Amazing stuff.


These are only a very small sampling of the incredible artists that will be bringing their psychedelic magic to Austin Psych Fest 2014. The current full line-up can be viewed here.

So when is Austin Psych Fest?

May 2-4, 2014. 

Are tickets still available?

Yes! Who knows how long they’ll last, though. Regular admission for the entire festival is right around $157.59 and a deluxe pass is $260.59. 

Weekend camp passes cost around $80 and do not get you into the festival. Likewise, if you want to camp, you’ll need to pay the additional cost for a spot.

Is Austin Psych Fest on social media?

Of course.







What should we check out in Austin while we’re in town? We’ll have a few extra days to explore!

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  • WorkMomTravels

    Thank you for once again augmenting my music choices :-)

    I’m totally with you on going for unique lodging when traveling. I’ve not tried airbnb yet, though, so I’ll be curious to know about your experience. I wish I could give you some Austin recos but I’ve never been there; it’s high on the list, though!

  • finecraftliving

    WorkMomTravels  Anytime, my friend! I will definitely be reviewing both my experience with Airbnb and with our particular choice. I must send you a link privately – it is amazing!

  • luwak kriek

    Hey just wanted to say that i dig your blog. I’ll be attending Austin Psych fest with a few fellow beer geeks. We have been unable to determine what kind of beer they may have there. Do you recall what was available last year? Do you know anything about this year’s offerings?
    I know they reported a “full bar” ut liquor and this kind of scene don’t seem to mix at all. In the videos Ive seen on the web all is see is Dos Equis. Ive been to a lot of music festivals and most seem t have at least some craft beer. While i certainly don’t expect to see Atrial Rubicite (but thats fine im going to Jester King on Sunday) it be nice to have something decent. Please let me know if you have heard anything.


    • Amber DeGrace

      Hi Rob!

      First, thanks for the kind comments on my blog.

      Next, I don’t know what kind of beer is going to be served at the ranch but I’m looking forward to checking out Jester King and other local craft beer spots.

      I made a Pinterest board with just about all the bands playing the festival and other food and beer (and record shops, I think) in Austin if you’re looking for any inspiration. Most of the non-band stuff is near the bottom if you scroll down.

      Lastly, I CAN’T WAIT! This is my first time at APF and I am stoked. Have a ball!